Chapter 07- Exceutive Level

Figure 7.0

Figure 7.1

Figure 7.2

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Figure 7.5

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Figure 7.8

Level 6, the Executive Level Once a stately complex, filled with wall to wall carpets, marble walls, crystal chandeliers, and servant droids busily scooting about. Now it is a dangerous, desolate battlefield, where those once harmless executive droids have become deadly war machines, and security robots lurk around every corner, not to mention the cyborg warriors and mutants the S.H.O.D.A.N. has chosen to allow run rampant in these halls.

This level was at one point, divided into 4 quadrants, however broken distress transmissions, showing signs of horrendous battles, lead us to believe that much of this level lies in ruin, and perhaps is uninhabitable. A level of this size, however most likely still hosts areas that may be undamaged, and quite pleasant, such as the elegant hall shown in Figure 7.0. Weather or not this hall still exists is a matter of question. The Executive level was also host to several dining chambers, Figure 7.1 shows one of these facilities, cleared of the usual furniture when not in use.

Beta Quadrant was once the location of officers quarters. Figure 7.2 shows the main hall from which you can access the majority of these offices. Figure 7.3 shows one of these small offices. For the importance of space, an office and quarter are usually in the same room. Figure 7.4 displays what you may expect to find now. Very little is left intact, and mutants mill about their new home of broken panels, and ripped circuitry.

Figure 7.5 shows the level's main central chamber, guarded by security 1 robots. Unlike most of the other levels, the four quadrants can only be accessed through this chamber, so finding this room is key to navigating this level. (With the exception of a small access corridor that connects Beta to Gamma quadrant)

Figure 7.6 further stresses the point of this level's elegance, for even the cyberjack room is carpeted, and decorated. Executive level cyberspace itself is quite large, and heavily guarded. Valuable data is undoubtedly stored there. Naturally, every attempt to reach this room should be made.

No Description of the Executive level would be complete without mention of the groves. Citadel's four habitat groves can only be accessed from the Executive level. Figure 7.7 displays the Alpha grove lobby. One would think that each grove would be assessable from it's relative quadrant, but this is not the case. Delta Quadrant (the largest quadrant) accesses Alpha, Beta, and Delta groves, while Beta quadrant accesses Gamma grove (the largest grove). These groves can be jettisoned, by completing a simple process. You should learn this process in case the need arises to eject one of the groves.

Unlike the other levels, where the CPU nodes are located to grant reasonable levels of access to maintenance and operational personnel, the computer core in the executive level is tucked away, and only assessable to various droids. Figure 7.7 gives you a glance at this secret chamber, which in the fashion of the rest of the level, is much cleaner and stately than most of the other CPU rooms. This was good for the Executive level inhabitants, in that they did not have to look at any trace of mechanism in their comfortable living areas, but bad for you.

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