Chapter 08- The Groves

Figure 8.0

Figure 8.1

Figure 8.2

Figure 8.3

Figure 8.4

Figure 8.5

The Groves Relax and enjoy yourself in a comfortable earth like environment. Yeah, right. You stop to rest and soon you will be resting in pieces.

There are four groves, each are roughly similar, possessing different arrangements, but the same bush, shrub, and vine assortment. It's supposed ot remind Citadel citizens of earth, but I don't know of many places on earth with tan wall paneling, often supporting digital displays, and a starry sky criss-crossed by a wire mesh. Figure 8.0 and Figure 8.1 show typical scenes, with metallic grating showing through the sod, the security camera keeping an unblinking eye on your every move, and those industrial panels slightly obscured by vines, you should feel like you are in a real wilderness! What were the designers thinking?

Of course, what Earth habitat would be complete without surveillance systems? (Figure 8.2) I suppose that TriOptimum is warranted for wanting to keep an eye on employees during their off hours, but this is ridicules!

Ok, enough babble, see Figure 8.3? That could be you if you don't watch your step in these groves. S.H.O.D.A.N. has allowed the unwanted mutants to have the groves to themselves, and you can bet that they are none to friendly. It is possible that some type of horrible experimentation are occurring in at least one of the groves, but this is uncertain.

In Figure 8.4, you can see the grove jettison enable console. I don't have to explain what this does. Make sure you know what you are doing before messing with this system.

Each grove has maintenance chambers, sometimes small corridors, sometimes massive chambers like the one in Figure 8.5. Look in these places for ammo and supplies. Of course, in the current level of disarray, you can expect to find such things laying everywhere in the groves.

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