Chapter 09- Engineering Level

Figure 9.0

Figure 9.1

Figure 9.2

Figure 9.3

Figure 9.4

Figure 9.5

Level 7, the Engineering Level You will spend a great deal of time on the Engineering level. Not because there are many things to be accomplished, but it's shear size and complexity.

The level is once again divided into the four quadrants, but this is for navigational aid only. The quadrants are not all that dissimilar, while hosting different facilities, there is no prevailing theme to individual quadrant. The look and feel of this level ranges from the spacious high ceilings of Figure 9.0, to dark, cramped, twisting corridors. All possess the same brown/gray look, and a raw, mechanical style to it's architecture.

Long corridors, with machines lining the walls, such as the one in Figure 9.1 are abundant. A sharp contrast from the executive level is that most of the machinery is open, and in your face, rather than easily concealed behind a simple and easy to remove wall panel. Like all of Citadel, droids are always nearby to aid the workers, which was good before, but now that these bots are under S.H.O.D.A.N.'s control, it makes thing all the more difficult. Expect to find many enemies lurking behind hidden wall compartments, and the like. In Figure 9.2, shows a common workstation, with an executive bot ready to lend assistance, or in your case, kill you.

At the center of the level is the core, shown in Figure 9.3, a three deck junction that adjoins all sections of the level. Expect it to be difficult to get from one deck to the others, and for most of the doors to be locked. Your enemy is far too intelligent to allow you to have such a luxury as this navigational aid.

Experimental stations, displayed in Figure 9.4like those found on the research level, exist in engineering as well. Useful for getting around, but beware, in them may lie a deadly trap. Be on guard.

Last, and consequently foremost, is the stations main antenna array. Four antenna towers, each to one quadrant, allow for Citadel to communicate directly with Earth, or any other vessel equipped with a similar device. Figure 9.5 shows the maintenance chamber, at the base of these towers. In the event the S.H.O.D.A.N. tries to use this to download itself to earth, all four would have to be destroyed, killing one or two would only slow it down.

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