Preface- Need to Know

All right Employee 2-4601, If you only read one section of this Guide, make it be this one. In this preface I shall be discussing the various features of the station which should be of use to you, those which are vital to your survival, and the various hazards that you should avoid. They are listed in alphabetical order, rather than to importance. Lets begin, shall we?

Don't ask me, I have no idea how to work it.
Access Panel: The Maintenance corridors of level three are littered with these things. They control every aspect of basic station operation. Unfortunately, its all hardware and circuitry, so your hacking skills are pretty much useless here, so don't get any ideas of jerry-rigging the station.

Antenna Relay Station Access Panel: The manual control for the stations main antenna array. It is with these antennae that that station communicates with TriOptimum CHQ. For obvious reasons, all communication with Citadel via these antennae is being blocked.
Telecommunications at its finest!

Yeah, you wish.
Automatic Teller Machine: What station would be complete without one of these old girls? It probably doesn’t work, but you are welcome to try it. Unfortunetly, you don't have an account with the bank of TriOptimum, so you don't have a prayer!

Bio-Hazard: This should be rather self explanatory, so I won't insult your intelligence by spelling it out for you. Most of the time it isn't much to worry about, most infected areas involve an intensity level of 15 or so, which shouldn't bother you too much. When it gets up to the 50's, then you had better think about finding yourself some Detox, or an environment suit. Remember, just leaving the effected area won't cure you, the effects linger on for several seconds, so never get to cozy in any Bio-Hazard area. If your health gets too low, take a Detox, or make trails.
Usually identifiable by these lovely barrels of gook.

Why do they play music in cargo elevators?
Cargo Elevator: Some of the elevator shafts may be blocked, so it may be necessary to make use of the cargo Elevator.

CPU Node: All things being equal, these are your primary Targets. The heart of S.H.O.D.A.N.'s control of a level. Take out the CPU Nodes, and level security goes to pieces. Security won't be totally disabled, but you will be much further along your way. They will most likely be heavily guarded, and are almost always the bait of a trap, so be on your guard.
Public Enemy #1

A Hacker's best friend.
Cyberjack: I'm sure you have been waiting for this. This is the reason you were implanted with the TCN-800. It is with this terminal that you can "jack" into S.H.O.D.A.N.'s cyber realm. Most levels have at least one Cyberjack, and they are usually positioned in an area of high security. You need not worry about being attacked while in C-space, the data flow happens so quickly, many minutes in cyberspace can take only a few seconds.

Cyborg Conversion Chambers: On each level, excluding the security level, there are these, to put it bluntly, reincarnation machines. Unfortunately, Our friend S.H.O.D.A.N. has reprogrammed these things into cyborg conversion chambers, factories for assimilating humans and mutants into horrible servants of evil. Luckily for you, all that needs to be done is pull a switch, and they return to their original purpose, immediate retrieval and reincarnation.
These things will make you, or break you.

Going up?
Elevator: With these you will be able to travel from level to level on Citadel Station. Be watchful of the patented gold TriOptimum Logo Door, (image on the right), the unmistakable sign of an elevator. Again, usually moderately secure. Someday some scientist will discover that elevator music does indeed cause brain damage.

Energy Recharge Station: Several of these are positioned on each level. When your energy reserves are depleted, you simply visit an energy recharge station, and fill 'er back up. They take a few minutes to recharge after every use.
Very Refreshing!

Just don't look down.
Force bridge: With the creation of force fields that are as hard as steel, some genius decided that it would be cool to make bridges out of the same stuff! What you get is a bridge that may give out at any second. This may get to be a problem when the ground is several hundred feet down.

Jump Disk: These experimental stations offer instantaneous transportation from one station to another. It really is perfectly safe. The technology used in these units has been modified by S.H.O.D.A.N. to allow the placement of cyborg troops. Be on your guard.
Gene would be proud!

Isn't this simple enough for you?
Keypad: This is a keypad. It has buttons with numbers on them. When you type the right code, it does stuff. Understand? Good.

Radiation: Same deal as the BioHazard. The Reactor level is full of the stuff, so come prepared.
These Doors provide plenty of warning.

Everyone who could have used this is dead....
Retinal Identification Scanner: This device is used to secure some of the most sensative areas on Citadel. It scans the eye retina pattern of the user, and if your eye matches up with the eyes on file, it grants you access. Unfortunatly, you aren't cleared for this kind of access.

Repulsor Lifts: Refined antigravity technology. A more sophisticated alternative to the standard lift. One just steps on, flips a switch, and up they go. Red signifies decent, and green signifies ascent. There are also similar wall mounted versions, where one simply approaches the wall, and the reaction is the same. The industrial use is obvious, movement of heavy loads. The security level makes great use of them. Hopefully you will make great use of them as well.
These things are plenty of fun....

Look! see that crack?
Secret Panels: Maybe some bored architect’s idea of a joke. Nevertheless, Citadel Station has quite a few Hidden panels, leading to small rooms, usually filled with one kind of treasure or another. They can be anywhere, in the oddest places, even on the floor, but watch for panels with thick outlines, our anomalies on your automap. If you find a hidden room, you probably won't regret it.

Security Camera: The eyes and ears of S.H.O.D.A.N. Citadel was renowned for being secure, with an intricate security system of cameras. They will be one of your primary targets. When you see a camera, destroy it as soon as possible. A good whack with a blunt object should be fine. The more cameras you kill, the lower the security level will be, granting you access to more secure areas of the station, such as armories, and data-banks.
Rather innocent looking, no?

Now its your turn to spy.
Viewing Station: These screen are connected to a specific camera, to allow for surveillance. Most cameras have been rerouted to link directly to S.H.O.D.A.N., but there are still some which have viewing stations. of course, if you destroy the camera, the station is useless.

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