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tn_sfc.exe Terra Nova Demo (8 Megs)- I unique mission, not found in the game. Requires 486DX-66 (a pentium is recommended of course), 8MB minimum of RAM. Windows 95 users should be able to run it in a DOS session with no problems. Recommended to people who have never played, and veteran players alike. Sorry Mac users, it's PC only. 2nd Terra Nova Demo (30 Megs)- 3 unique missions, not found in the game, or the other demo. Stats are the same as above, with the exception of taking up MUCH more hard drive space. Contains more features then the above Demo. Recommended to everyone, even if you already have Terra Nova. Image Collection (1 Meg)- A small collection of images from Terra Nova. Some are screanshots from cutscenes, others were taken from the LGS's Terra Nova site. Introduction MPEG (5.69 Megs)- An MPEG file of the Terra Nova opening cutscene. *Very* cool... Terra Nova World Editor (NA)- Yes, that's right, an Editor! This is not a download, but a link to where it can be downloaded. Terra Nova Desktop Theme (1.13 Meg)- Well done Theme for Win95/98. Contains many images, sounds, and several icons and cursors.

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