Welcome to TTLG's Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri Fansite Consortium.
Here you will find links to all the major Terra Nova fansites on the web. It is our hope that your browse here is as pleasant as possible. Try not to kill too many of the trees.

Terra Nova Discussion Group:
The Terra Nova: SFC Discussion forum is the only place on the web, as far as I know, exclusively devoted to the discussion of this classic game. Join in!

Terra Nova World Editor:
Terra Nova fans can actually create their own totally new landscapes & scnerios with the Terra Nova World Editor. This site showcases the editor, along with fan-made missions, and a gallery of all Terra Nova landscapes.

Terra Nova Resource Directory:
This downloads archive offers exclusive Terra Nova music, graphics, demos, and more!

Terra Nova Music Collection:
This archive contains a complete collection of all Terra Nova music, both in midi & mp3 form!

Terra Nova Walkthrough:
Get stuck in TN, put it away unfinished, but now want to try it one more time? Or mybe just interested in a stroll down TN memory lane. Check out the walkthrough!

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