Here it is, straight from the secret headquarters of Strike Force Centauri -- and Looking Glass technologies -- mission walk throughs for Terra Nova.

Mission 1:

The base is only a few seconds walk to the north-west of the drop point. Once you land, circle way around the base to the northeast and come at it from the north. There is a third pirate in this mission, which you will encounter alone to the north. After you have defeated that first pirate, use the hills and valleys throughout the area to engage the enemy without getting too close.

Mission 2:

After the drop head north and kill the two pirates by the lookout station. Walker will be following you by default, and will attack any pirates she's close enough to shoot. There is a single pirate patrolling between the southern edges of the two locks. Wait for it to reach the west lock, and kill it from a distance. Move out onto the west lock and kill the three pirates there as quickly as possible. Then go back south, and sweep north up the east lock, where there is another group of two pirates. Don't try to cross the water to fight them, even if they're firing on you. Lastly, there is a trio of pirates waiting by the concrete enclosure above the west lock. Don't engage them inside the enclosure, since the cargo there might get destroyed by stray fire. Once those pirates are dead, the mission will end.

Mission 3:

Approach the base from the northwest, by going around the lakes to the north. Use your EM emitters constantly to avoid the perimeter guards There is a good hill about 210 meters northwest of the pirate base. Station yourself there, and zoom you view in on the base as much as you can. The crates will be on the ground in plain view...move your cursor over the objects at the base until you find one labeled as a crate. Right-click on it to get ID lock. Once you have locked onto the crate, you can back away. The ID lock will transmit, even if you put a hill between you and the crate. Once the target ID is confirmed by the dropship pilot, head east/northeast for 10-15 seconds before cutting south toward the pickup point. If you cut across to the pickup, you may be visually spotted by the enemy.

Mission 4:

Go south and then west from the drop point, and intercept the enemy below the location marked "intercept point," where the road bends. This way you can avoid the pair of pirates that is patrolling in the woods on the way to the marked intercept point. There is a patrol of 5 guards at the bend, waiting for the trucks. If you don't take these guards out first, you'll end up fighting the truck escorts and the reinforcements simultaneously. The trucks are accompanied by 6 pirates as an escort. Make sure during the fight that you are target locked on pirates, and not on the trucks.

Mission 5:

First, head straight south down the road. There is a pair of pirates at the intersection which you should bomb with grenades. Then give your squadmates a "follow this path" order to go around the blockade area and come in from the northeast side. As they move, you should sneak to within range (but out of sight) of the six enemies at the blockade region. Use the hills for cover. When your squadmates begin attacking, lay down a barrage of grenade fire. If you take a demolitions specialist on the mission, you can then place a demolition charge on the road once you've removed the main body of pirates. Six reinforcements will be arriving up the road from the south. If you're quick, you can detonate the charges just as they pass over, eliminating them quickly and easily. Otherwise, set your squadmates to aggressive attack mode and send them down the road to attack. There are only six more pirates down the road, three on the west side and three on the east.

Mission 6:

Deploy your squadmates in a fan, sending them both eastward, one along the hills to the north and the other to the south. They will take out five of the six perimeter sentries as they pass. They can then be ordered to go to the base as you move in along the road. The base itself contains five pirates, and the two small turrets. The base is a good place to use the grenade launcher since the pirates there will tend to stay near one another. The turrets are stationary and make the best targets for your grenades. Take them out from a distance, before you attack the pirates.

Mission 7:

The lost soldier is located 15 meters north of the small lake in the search region. Run to the northwest and come into the search area from the west. Most of the enemies are moving south first and you should be able to avoid them. Move quickly, since if you take too much time, the enemy patrol to the south will make it to Colin before you do. As soon as Colin appears on your map, give your repair specialist the "repair SFC PBA" command and your electronics specialist the "Reboot PBA" command. Once Colin appears in your left MFD, head straight back to the pickup. There will be a squad of pirates waiting for you there. Remember that you can afford to lose your two main squadmates in an attack, but not Colin, so keep him toward the back of the combat. Don't panic if the dropship is forced to abort before you can get there. Eliminate the pirates and call the ship back in. If there are no enemies in the area, he'll come right back. He may even come automatically.

Mission 8:

There are two turrets guarding the bridge across the chasm. Destroy them from long range with a particle beam, then head down the road to the base. >From the time you are first detected by the pirates, you have 45 seconds before the transport ship takes off. After you cross the northern lip of the bowl which contains the pirate base, head straight in until you are within grenade range of the ship. Let your squadmates engage the enemy, while you concentrate your grenade fire on the transport. If it starts to fly away, switch to a the particle beam and keep firing, since you still have the chance to knock it out of the air. Once the transport is destroyed, help your squadmates take out the rest of the enemies. Given the physical layout of the base, very little can be done about deploying your squadmates to flank. Go at this one straight on, use the buildings as cover and keep your squadmates tight. Once your objectives are complete, there will still be three more pirates waiting in ambush between the base and the pickup point.

Mission 9:

Take a position in the hills to the north/northeast of the docks and stay there. Wait for the trucks to come. When they are in position, attack them with grenades or particle beams from as long range as possible. Do not attempt to get in too close or you'll get surrounded. Wait in the hills at the mouth of the dock area for the enemy. Keep to the high ground and let the enemy come to you. Take a Recon specialist along, to give you good advance warning of incoming enemies. There are six pirates escorting the trucks, and a total of 12 more will come in from the islands. Stay out of the water and don't try to chase them.

Mission 10:

Equip your squadmates and yourself with scout suits, since speed is vital. Send your squadmates to the edge of the dark strip which appears on your navigation map directly below the "Presumed Location". The Nav Map is incorrect, and if you send your squadmates to the search area, they will stumble, literally, into a canyon filled to the brim with pirates and Hegemony troops. The canyon is the dark stripe. Keep squadmates out of it. While they move closer to the enemy and begin engaging the base guard you can run to the northwest and come at the canyon from the side. Engage your EM Dampener before you start moving. Using this trick, you should be able to get close enough to get ID lock on a building. As soon as you get the message from the pilot, order your squadmates to go to the pickup. Then you can head over and help them out.

Mission 11:

Move directly north to the mining platform as soon as you drop. Stay on the mine platform until you have eliminated the first two waves of soldiers, one from the northeast and one from straight east. Use the Stay in Location order to make sure your squadmates do the same. When the enemies are gone, take yourself and one squadmate down the road east to take out the cannon, keeping two squadmates on the mine platform. You must reach the cannon before it crests the small hill 140 meters east of the mine platform. If you reach the cannon sooner, which should not be difficult if you don't dawdle, take out all the troops surrounding it, but do not destroy the artillery piece itself. These troops will be labeled as artillery squad, and once they are dead, the cannon is no longer a threat.

Mission 12:

There is nothing you can do to prevent Gags from being injured. You are not penalized in any way for this mission. Head to the pickup point when the dropship pilot instructs you to do so. Press * to return to the main menu

Mission 13:

As soon as you drop down, go straight in to the compound and give Gags the command to fix the telescope. When he's done, give your entire squad the Stay in Location command, and let the five groups of enemies come to you. The group coming from the southeast is the most dangerous, since that is the Hegemony demolitions squad. Don't get distracted if another group arrives while you're still fighting the demolitions squad. Make sure all Hegemony demolitions are dead before attacking a new group of enemies. Don't worry about giving your squadmates grenades, since the telescope is tough enough to survive the explosions.

Mission 14:

After the drop, head northwest, avoiding the road. Go to a location about 100 meters south of the southeast platform. Snipe at the fuel tanks with a particle beam from the maximum distance possible. Proceed clockwise around the fuel tank platforms, staying at maximum particle beam range, and keeping your squadmates with you to deal with any enemies that run up the hills at you. When you have destroyed 16 of the fuel tanks, head to the pickup, staying far to the north of the platforms.

Mission 15:

Select a squad with at least one recon specialist, and don't give any of your squadmates grenade launchers. Your squadmates will spot enemies directly to the west as you land, but ignore them and move south. Keep your squad with you and move around in a clockwise direction, moving south from the drop, then west, then across the village. Starting at the corner of the map and moving around will lessen the chances of your being flanked. Keep your squad close, and the recon specialist will be especially handy to inform you of incoming enemies. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 16:

To win this mission, move and move fast from the moment you drop down. If you can, take along weapon specialists in scout suits. Don't give them grenade launchers, since they might accidentally destroy the trucks during the fight. As soon as you drop, head south down the road and try to get to the trucks as fast as possible. Don't keep them in formation, as they will have to shoot around you at an already cluttered target. Set them to Aggressive Attack mode. After you have destroyed the guards and the trucks have turned around, be wary of a patrol which may hit the pickup point just as you return . They are not tough, but you need to be careful or you'll lose the trucks in the crossfire.

Mission 17:

As soon as you drop down, head south down the road. Kill the pair of fleeing enemy soldiers as quickly as possible, and take the right fork in the road, moving as fast as possible. If you can reach the truck before it gets to the hills to the south, there will be fewer enemies to deal with. Don't take any heavy suits, as they will guarantee that the truck will reach the hills, and the reinforcements there. Once you have rescued the truck and it has turned around, give two of your squadmates orders to follow the it. Take the third squadmate and head back up the road ahead of the truck, killing any enemies before they have a chance to menace the truck. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 18:

Take the Mine Layer as your ASF during Outfitting, and take at least one Particle Beam. When you drop, station your squadmates at the pickup point, or some other area about 300m from the scope. Give them a Stay in Location order, and then go looking for the bad guys. Watch out for the heavy turret on the near corner of the platform. It will start firing missiles from long range and you will need to keep moving to avoid them. As soon as you are spotted by the enemies, turn tail and lead them back to your squadmates. Drop mines if you've got them. Run behind your squadmates, turn and take the enemies on from behind your own lines. Rest, recharge your armor, get repairs if you need them, and go out again. There are 4 groups in the area (besides those on the scope itself). Two of them may come together to chase you, so be ready. If the heavy turrets are posing too much of a problem, use your particle beam on them, as its range will let you stand far enough away to evade missiles while still killing the turret. Do not attempt to move straight to the scope, as you will be surrounded on at least three sides. Once you have disposed of the four moving patrols, move to the platform, take out the base guards and any remaining turrets, and have your demolitions expert destroy the telescope.

Mission 19:

The accident with the dropship is prescripted, and the mission for which you are briefed never happens. Also, during the escape from the prison, there is no way to prevent Schuyler's death. This is also prescripted, and you will not be penalized for it in any way. The pickup point is 480 meters directly to the north of where you start. As soon as the mission begins, call for the dropship and run as fast as you can directly north. Do NOT stop to fight the prison guards. Give your squadmates continuous commands to go to the pickup point using ALT-P, since they may get drawn into combats. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 20:

The keys to winning this mission are extreme stealth, and shooting the station from its unpatrolled west side. Despite the troop deployment depicted in the briefing, there are no patrols to the west of the base. If you take a scout suit, armed with a particle beam, EM Emitters and an EM Dampener, you should be able to sneak westward. Start by moving south for a few seconds, then go west until you pass the western edge of the circle marked Patrol Area on your map. Then move north until you are due west of the enclosure Change your view to the highest zoom level, and move eastward until you are within 180 meters of the sensor station. Target lock on it, and take it out with the particle beam. This will alert the base sentries and drones to your presence, but you are out of range of the base turrets and if you move south immediately, the guards will not be able to catch you in your scout suit. The drones will follow, but they can be taken down later, at a safe distance. Summon the dropship, head south for a about 15 seconds and then cut across to the pickup point.

Mission 21:

Because this mission is an ambush, the best way to survive is to forgo the EM Emitters and Scout Suits, and load up with missile launchers, particle beams and grenades. Give some to your squadmates too. After the drop head cautiously north. As you crest the first hill, start to be on the lookout for enemies. As soon as you spot any of the forces to the east or west, or the PBAs to the north, open fire with the missile launcher at the closest group. Then, when you hear the ambush message, give the squad a Go to Pickup order and run for it. Using this technique will get you out, with your squad intact. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 22:

First, take a Mine Layer as your ASF. The downed ship is located in a valley about 150 meters north of the small lake, directly on the search area line. Get your squad to it as fast as you can, taking out any the drones you encounter on the way. When you get to the ship place a ring of mines around it at a distance about 50 meters. Deploy each squadmate separately to the north or south of the ship, but at least 25 meters away. This will ensure that shots which miss them won't take out the ship. Wait for the enemies from this position, and give your squadmates the "Stay At Location command. There is one squad coming in from the north, one from the south, and one from south/southeast. Use missile launchers and distance weapons whenever possible. Do not let a firefight happen within 30-50 meters of the ship, as the cross fire will kill the Clansman as surely as any deliberate enemy attack.

Mission 23:

Change your squadmates' ASF's to Auto-Docs, and make sure each has at least one missile launcher and one particle beam. Take these weapons yourself as well. After the drop, move west about 200 meters, then head north and approach the harvester from behind. Move in on it slowly. The Hegemony soldiers will come at you in small groups, and your squadmates will finish off most of them with missiles. When you are within about 150 meters of the Harvester, give your squadmates a Stay-At-Location order, move to the Harvester and plant the charge. Turn around and run as fast as you cam to get out of the blast radius. Once the Harvester is destroyed, head straight to the pickup, remembering that there will probably be one last group of enemy soldiers waiting for you.

Mission 24:

Take the Personal Shield as your ASF. After you drop down, go down the ravine to the location marked "intercept point", fire at one of the soldiers, and then back off. Let the unknown aircraft finish them off. Once the ship has started bombing the enemy soldiers, continue running down the ravine, straight past the pickup point, to where the main ravine turns left. Don't stop to fire until you've gone around the bend. Turn around and activate your Personal Shield. Since the enemies' attention will be on you, they won't fire on the dropship when it arrives. Engage the enemy until the dropship lands, then sprint for it past the enemies and tell it to open the hatch from as far away as possible. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 25:

First, equip your squadmates with missile launchers and auto-docs. Upon dropdown, order your squadmates to move directly to the construction site. While they approach from the west, take up a position about 200 meters south of the site. Also, launch a drone and send it a spot about 150 meters south of the pickup location. When your squadmates begin to attack, some of the guards will attempt to flee past you. Kill them before they make it to the large Hegemony patrol to the south. Then go in and help your squadmates finish off the construction site. If you don't receive confirmation of mission victory after the site is leveled, it means that at least one guard escaped, and that you'll have to fight the group of enemies to the south. Press * to return to the main menu.

Mission 26:

After you drop down, move immediately to the location marked "pirate base" on the map. Under no circumstances should you engage the pirates in combat. Stand inside the walled area between the two buildings and activate the descrambler. After about 25 seconds, the dropship pilot will confirm the identity of the traitor. As soon as that happens, sprint for the pickup point as fast as possible, and do not stop to fight the pirates. Jump jet as you go, to more easily avoid trees in your path. You'll probably lose about half of your hit points as you flee.

Mission 27:

Outfit your electronics specialist and yourself with autoturrets. After the drop, head west to the southwest corner of the outer wall, and move to the top of the hill there. Place 8 autoturrets , two at each of the four compass directions, just a few meters down from the top of the hill. Move your squad to the base of the that hill and give them the Defend Position order. Run and jump over the outer wall, and drop one autoturret. Fire at one of the enemies and get the group to chase you. Jump back over the wall to the hill, and let your squadmates and autoturrets kill the enemy. Repeat this process of luring enemy groups over the wall, until either all the enemy soldiers are dead, or until you are confident that you can defeat the remaining few in battle. Then take your squad into the center of the base, and tell your electronics expert to fire the cannon. Once the cannon has fired, have your demolitions expert destroy the cannon and the control station. Then call for the dropship and head for the pickup point.

Mission 28:

Make sure that you and all your squadmates have at least one missile launcher. After the drop, go southwest until the base come into view down below. Move your squadmates a little ways apart from one another, but keep them all up on the hill with you. Zoom your view in as far as it will go, and bombard the enemies down in the base with missiles. Even if your targeting box says the enemies are out of range, you should still hit them because of the difference in your elevations. Make sure you get the two medium tanks in this barrage. When there are no more enemies in sight, head down the hill with your squad and clean up the area.

Mission 29:

Make sure you take autoturrets as your ASF in this mission. As soon as you drop down, send all of your squadmates to a point about 75 meters south of the base, right on the edge of the water. They will intercept the pirates coming up from the south. Then run as fast as you can up the road to the north. When drones come to pester you on the way, drop two autoturrets, but do NOT stop to fight them yourself. Once you get to the intersection, turn to the right, drop a line of autoturrets, and back away. Let your autoturrets kill most of the enemies, and pick off any that make it past the line. Once all those enemies are dead, escort the trucks down to the base, and help your squadmates kill any remaining enemies there.

Mission 30:

As soon as you drop, send your demolitions expert east to blow up the bridge. Then take the rest of your squad straight to the landslide to take out the Hegemony soldiers there. Keep and eye on your demo expert on your map, and have him detonate the bridge as soon as he's ready. Once that's done, give him the "Follow Me" command. After the enemies at the landslide are destroyed, give one of your squadmates the "follow object" command with one of the trucks as the object. Take the other two squadmates east down the road, and destroy the two smaller groups of enemy PBA's which are waiting in ambush.

Mission 31:

First, take as many weapons specialists as you can, since there is no need for any other specialty in this mission. Equip yourself with the Personal Shield as your ASF, a Missile Launcher, and a Particle Beam. Equip your squadmates with Autoturrets. After the drop, proceed straight up the road and take out the heavy tank with your missile launcher. Do NOT immediately go to the farmhouse. Instead, take a position to the south and eliminate all the enemy PBA's south of the farmhouse. Then order your squadmates to a point about 50 meters to the east of the farmhouse, and give them the Defend Position order. After the second wave of enemy soldiers has been destroyed, take your squad north into the orchard and destroy the group of enemies heading in through the trees. Be on the lookout for the last Hegemony Demolitions expert, who will be coming from the northwest.

Mission 32:

Take two demolitions specialists and an electronics specialist on this mission. Give your electronics specialist and one of the demo specialists the SIR-Mark Four, and give all of your squadmates the Personal Shield ASF. After the drop, move north and attack the guards around the control station. Send in your two squadmates with the SIR Mark Fours, but keep the other demolitions specialist away from the combat. After that battle, reprogram the station with your electronics specialist, and have one of your demo specialists set one charge on the building. Don't detonate it yet. Take your squad north, toward the pickup point. When you encounter the southern-most perimeter guard around the tower, give your healthiest demo specialist the command to destroy the Tower, using the same colored fuse that was used on the control station. Do NOT follow the demo expert to the tower. Instead, try to draw away enemy fire and provide him with cover, so that he can sneak in and set his charges. Once the charges are set, withdraw your squad to the pickup point, and detonate the charges, which will destroy both buildings. Call for the dropship, and fight off any enemies who may wander into you before it arrives.

Mission 33:

Equip yourself with an MB cannon, a particle beam, and the Personal Shield. After the drop, leave your squadmates at the drop point, zoom in your view, and move due north. When the two Mech Bipeds come into view, use one MB Cannon shell to destroy each Biped. Then head toward the southern entrance of the base, and take out as many of the enemies there as possible from long range, using your remaining MB shells and your particle beam. Once those enemies are destroyed, call your squad in and enter the base. There are a few enemies inside the base which you and your squad can handle without much difficulty. Once the area is clear of enemies, have your demo experts set charges on all four towers, and all on the same colored fuse. Don't set off any of the charges until all four of the towers are wired. Move back to the pick-up point, and detonate the charges from there. Then immediately call for the dropship.

Mission 34:

There is a more direct approach to destroying the domes, which does not involve demolitions or electronics experts. In the outfitting screen, equip yourself with two MB Cannons. Change all squadmates to weapons experts, and equip them with one MB cannon each. Give everyone the Personal Shield. After the drop, head west away from the base for about 150 meters, then go due north, and then east, so that you are approaching the cloning domes from the north. Zoom in your view and get a good look at the Domes from a distance of about 240 meters. Bombard the domes from there with your MB Cannon -- 10 shells should be enough to destroy all three. Make sure that before you fire, you are target locked on a dome, and that you are within range. Once the vats are destroyed, call the dropship and head for the pickup.

Mission 35:

Outfit yourself with 2 MB cannons. Take all weapons' experts if possible, and give everyone the Personal Shield, at least one MB cannon, and at least one beam weapon. As soon as you drop, activate your Personal Shield and charge down the hill to the road. Give your squadmates the Aggressive Attack command, and help them destroy the few clones on the road. Then head east, paralleling the road while staying south to keep the high ground. As soon as the trucks come into view, start blasting them with your MB cannon. Remember that you only have 10 shots, so always make sure you're target locked correctly, and aim at the frontmost of the trucks. Once the trucks and their guards are destroyed call the dropship, and then go west as fast as possible to meet it.

Mission 36:

Outfit yourself with 2 MB cannons, and give yourself and your squadmates the Personal Shield. As soon as you drop, move directly for the ship, which again is just to the northeast of the word "Area" on your Nav Map. Activate your Personal Shield and destroy the pair of clones that will attack half way between the drop and the downed ship, but don't waste more than a few MB shells. Save the rest for the group of tanks and clones at the foot of the cliff in front of the gully with the ship. Once at the ship, tell your electronics specialist to repair it, and then tell Brandt to fly it out. Brandt will may take a few seconds before he goes inside the ship, but he'll do it eventually, so don't panic.

Mission 37:

For this mission you get the game's final weapon, the MB-Accelerator, and it doesn't come a minute too soon. Equip yourself with two of these weapons, which will give 20 MB shells for the mission. Select two weapons specialists in addition to Brandt, and give them Personal Shields and one MB Accelerator each. Take a personal shield for yourself, too. After you drop, activate your shield, and head immediately to the western entrance to the base. Use your MB accelerators to destroy the tank, clones, and heavy turret as you go in. Cover Brandt with MB fire all the way to fuel tank, being careful not to damage him accidentally by firing too close. More enemies will be coming at you from the south and east than from the north and west, so set yourself up to that side while defending Brandt. Once the charge is set, order your squad to head to the pick up and flee the station as fast as possible. More and more clones are coming into the station, so don't bother staying and fighting. You may find it difficult to jump jet over the station walls in your heavy suit, so use the actual entrance to the station when escaping.

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